Total Solar Eclipse 8/21/2017

Astrophotos and Astronomy related pictures

Deep Space
Our Moon
Lunar Eclipse 9/27/2015
Lunar Eclipse 10/08/2014
Lunar Eclipse 05/15/2003
Lunar Eclipse 11/08/2003
Lunar Eclipse 03/03/2007
Solar Eclipse 10/23/2014
Solar Eclipse 5/20/2012
Venus Transit 6/5/2012
Northern Lights
Impact Craters
Spacecraft and Satellites

  • Lunar eclipse 1/31/2018
  • Nightscapes Wide field pictures of stars, the milky way, etc.
  • Canon EOS 10-D Astrophotography tests
  • Cherry Grove
  • Orion setting over Cannon Lake in Faribault, MN
  • Same photo, scanned from Negative instead of print
  • The Milky Way 08-20-2004 28mm, 12 minutes on Kodak elitechrome 200
  • The Milky Way 08-20-02
  • The Milky Way 07-11-02
  • The Milky Way (Date Unsure)
  • Circumpolar Star Trails
  • The "Big Dipper" (part of Ursa Major) with Aurora
  • Northern lights (through window) this picture demonstrates how lucky I am to live in town but still have this kind of view to the West
  • Northern Lights 08/01/02 over Cannon Lake
  • Northern Lights Time-lapse AVI of Northern Lights over Cannon Lake
  • Setting Sun trail
  • Sun spot 07-16-2002 Meade Electronic Eyepiece (stacked using AstroStack)
  • Anular eclipse 06-10-2002
  • Short timelapse of part of the Solar eclipse on 6/10/02 (the short time of clearness here)
  • Moon trails 11/07/02


    Basic Astrophotography tutorial


  • JavaScript FOV and Size Calc Calculate Field of View for CCD/Digital Camera/Film cameras and Size of an object in pixels for CCD/Digital cameras
  • Astronomy / Photography related freeware I wrote for windows

    Astronomy Links

  • NOAA POES Auroral Activity
  • SOHO Great current solar images. You can view sunspot activity, solar flares, prominences, even look for comets.
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day This site is worth seeing every day!
  • Night Sky Observers Astronomy Club Beautiful pictures and good information on astrophotography and nice observing notes
  • Home Science: Backyard Astronomy Basics A good beginner's resource for backyard Astronomy
  • Guide to Backyard Astronomy (
    Astronomy Related Games
  • Astronomy Computer Games for Kids (

    It is time to r e l a x . . .

    Close your eyes. Think of a cool summer night. Clear steady sky. New moon. No lights for miles. The ground glows from the light of the Milky Way strewn accross the sky like scattered corn meal. You hear the haunting sound of distant loons echo from all around. The towering oak trees don't even wiggle a leaf. A calmness so calm that it surrounds you from all sides and supports you in your journy of the night sky.

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