Here you will find pictures of my meteorite collection and information about each meteorite.

Iron Meteorites

Campo del Cielo, Argentina

Weight: 4639 g (10.2 pounds)
Type: Iron coarse octahedrite
Composition: Mostly iron, 6.68% Nickel, 0.43% Cobalt, 0.25% Phosphorus, 87 parts per million Gallium, 407 parts per million Germanium, 3.6 parts per million Iridium
About: Located in Argentina, Campo del Cielo means the field of heaven or field of the sky. It was named by the natives who said that the irons had fallen from the sky. At least 12 impact craters have been found in the region, the largest is 78x65 meters accross. Most of the main mass of the Campo del Cielo meteorites is believed to have been located which is in contrast to other meteorite impacts in which most of the main mass has evaporated on impact. The Campo del Cielo meteorites are believed to have fallen around 5000 years ago.

Canyon Diablo, AZ USA

Weight: 82.7g
Type: Iron coarse octahedrite
Composition: Mostly iron, also Cohenite, Chromite, Daubreelite, Diamond/lonsdaleite, Graphite, Haxonite, Kamacite, Schreibersite, Taenite, Troilite and Moissanite.
About: Located about 20 miles West of Winslow, AZ USA, the Canyon Diablo impact structure (sometimes called Barringer Crater or somewhat incorrectly "Meteor Crater") is one of the most obvious impact structures on Earth. It is nearly a mile accross and is believed to have formed when a cloud of iron meteorites struck the earth at about 12 km per second (almost 27,000 miles per hour).

Nantan, China

Nantan Micro

Weight: ?
Type: Iron coarse octahedrite
About: The Nantan China meteorites are believed to be a whitnessed fall recorded in 1516 as a waving fireball resembling snakes and dragons. The meteorites weren't found until 1958 when farmers were looking for steel.

Stony Meteorites


Tissint (Tata, Morocco), martian shergottite


Weight: 410mg
Type: Martian Shergottite
Origin: Plenet Mars
About: This meteorite is one of a group of meteorites that fell on Tata, Morocco on July 18, 2011.

Dar al Gani, Sahara, Libya Lunar Anorthositic Breccia


Weight: 387mg partial slice
Type: Lunar Anorthositic Breccia
Composition: Green cheese
Origin: Earth's moon, Luna

Camel Donga, Western Australia Monomict Eucrite


Weight: 4.6g
Type: Monomict Eucrite
Origin: Asteroid Vesta

NWA 2784 Slice

Type: Stony, Achondrite, Eucrite (Polymict Breccia)
About: Eucrites are thought to be part of asteroid 4 Vesta. This meteorite likely originated deep in the crust.


GAO, Sissili, Burkina Faso, Africa H5 Chondrite

Weight: 12.9g
Type: H5 Chondrite (Ordinary Chondrite)
Origin: Unknown asteroid
About: This meteorite fell on March 5, 1960 at about 1700 hours

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