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NOTICE: High voltage can be dangerous. Please do not experiment with high voltage or tesla coils until you understand and take the necessary safety precautions to safely experiment at your own risk

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Tiny spark gap Tesla coil - 11/21/2009


This is my smallest Tesla coil. The secondary coil stands just over 3" with topload.
Capacitor: A single 10kv .001 uF ceramic disc capacitor
Spark gap: Static, just the primary wire bent to almost touch lead of capacitor
Primary coil: 4 turns of 20 gauge insulated copper wire wrapped directly around secondary with several layers of electric tape between primary and secondary
Secondary coil: About 252 turns around a 1" diameter pill bottle
Power supply: 10kv furnace ignition transformer with variac to control voltage to about 6kv. I also had some luck with a tiny 7.5 kv transformer meant to be used in an ionisation unit, however, this only was capable of about 3 breaks per second.


In action

Mini spark gap Tesla coil

Paramaters listed reflect current setup, may not match photo


This Tesla coil stands about 16" tall and produces ~5" streamers
Capacitor: 11 .001 uF 15kv ceramic disc capacitors in parellel
Spark gap: Static, 4 gaps in series using steel balls from mouse balls
Primary Coil: 12 turns of insulated 12 gauge copper wire, helical, tapped at about 4 turns from the top
Secondary coil: Around 800 turns of 30 gauge magnetic wire wrapped around 2" PVC pipe. Varnished
Power supply: 10kv 23ma furnace ignition transformer

In action

Experimenting with various objects on coil (more on the way)

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