High Voltage

NOTICE: High voltage can be dangerous. Please do not experiment with high voltage or tesla coils until you understand and take the necessary safety precautions to safely experiment at your own risk

For now, just a few pics from a few of my high voltage projects

CW Multiplier

Van de Graaff Generator

2017 Large Van de Graaff Generator

Roller spacing: 35"
Top Roller: Bed castor roller
Bottom Roller: Bed castor roller covered in electric tape (Vinyl)
Bottom brush: Stranded copper wire spread out
Top brush: Stranded copper wire spread out
Dome: 14" aluminum oblate terminal
Belt: 69x1.25" length cut of physical therepy stretching bands with .5 inch
overlap for bond
Motor: Reversible AC motor
Gearing: 1/5 gear reduction (10 tooth gear to 50 tooth gear)

2017 Mini Van de Graaff Generator

Belt: Regular rubber band
Bottom Roller: Pen tube
Top roller: Christmas light
Motor: 3v DC motor
Bottom Brush: Wire
Top Brush: Aluminum foil




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