Weather Graphs Using MRTG

NOTICE: These charts are no longer active as of 11/12/2022

The system that was generating the graphs used on this page has been retired.
Since this is not an ideal way to plot weather data I currently do not plan to transfer that functionality to the new system.
If you use this page and found these graphs useful please let me know by sending me an email at and perhaps this will be re-created on the new system if there is enough interest

wxfan 2.0.0 - Weather graphs using MRTG

Faribault Municipal Automatic Weather Observing / Reporting System, MN, United States (KFBL) 44-20N 093-19W

KFBL Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KFBL Relative Humidity (Percent)

KFBL Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KFBL Wind Speed (MPH)

KFBL Wind Direction (Degrees)

Duluth, Duluth International Airport, MN, United States (KDLH) 46-50-34N 092-13-34W 435M

KDLH Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KDLH Relative Humidity (Percent)

KDLH Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KDLH Wind Speed (MPH)

KDLH Wind Direction (Degrees)

Phoenix, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, AZ, United States (KPHX) 33-26-03N 112-03-04W 336M

KPHX Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KPHX Relative Humidity (Percent)

KPHX Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KPHX Wind Speed (MPH)

KPHX Wind Direction (Degrees)

Denver, Centennial Airport, CO, United States (KAPA) 39-33-50N 104-50-54W 1775M

KAPA Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KAPA Relative Humidity (Percent)

KAPA Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KAPA Wind Speed (MPH)

KAPA Wind Direction (Degrees)

Los Angeles, Los Angeles International Airport, CA, United States (KLAX) 33-56-17N 118-23-20W 46M

KLAX Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KLAX Relative Humidity (Percent)

KLAX Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KLAX Wind Speed (MPH)

KLAX Wind Direction (Degrees)

San Francisco, San Francisco International Airport, CA, United States (KSFO) 37-37-11N 122-21-53W 26M

KSFO Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KSFO Relative Humidity (Percent)

KSFO Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KSFO Wind Speed (MPH)

KSFO Wind Direction (Degrees)

Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International Airport, FL, United States (KFLL) 26-04-05N 080-09-09W 30M

KFLL Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KFLL Relative Humidity (Percent)

KFLL Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KFLL Wind Speed (MPH)

KFLL Wind Direction (Degrees)

Marathon, Marathon Airport, FL, United States (KMTH) 24-43-33N 081-02-52W 2M

KMTH Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KMTH Relative Humidity (Percent)

KMTH Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KMTH Wind Speed (MPH)

KMTH Wind Direction (Degrees)

Houma-Terrebonne, LA, United States (KHUM) 29-34N 090-40W

KHUM Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KHUM Relative Humidity (Percent)

KHUM Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KHUM Wind Speed (MPH)

KHUM Wind Direction (Degrees)

New Orleans, New Orleans International Airport, LA, United States (KMSY) 29-59-34N 090-15-03W 5M

KMSY Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KMSY Relative Humidity (Percent)

KMSY Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KMSY Wind Speed (MPH)

KMSY Wind Direction (Degrees)

Lake Charles, Lake Charles Regional Airport, LA, United States (KLCH) 30-07-29N 093-13-42W 3M

KLCH Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KLCH Relative Humidity (Percent)

KLCH Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KLCH Wind Speed (MPH)

KLCH Wind Direction (Degrees)

Guantanamo, Oriente, Cuba (MUGM) 19-54N 075-08W 23M

MUGM Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

MUGM Relative Humidity (Percent)

MUGM Pressure (hPa - 1000)

MUGM Wind Speed (MPH)

MUGM Wind Direction (Degrees)

Aeropuerto Jose Mar-Ti, Rancho-Boyeros, Habana, Cuba (MUHA) 22-59N 082-24W 75M

MUHA Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

MUHA Relative Humidity (Percent)

MUHA Pressure (hPa - 1000)

MUHA Wind Speed (MPH)

MUHA Wind Direction (Degrees)

Galveston, Scholes Field, TX, United States (KGLS) 29-16-13N 094-51-51W 6M

KGLS Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KGLS Relative Humidity (Percent)

KGLS Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KGLS Wind Speed (MPH)

KGLS Wind Direction (Degrees)

Key West, Key West International Airport, FL, United States (KEYW) 24-33-13N 081-45-13W 5M

KEYW Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KEYW Relative Humidity (Percent)

KEYW Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KEYW Wind Speed (MPH)

KEYW Wind Direction (Degrees)

St Petersburg, Whitted Airport, FL, United States (KSPG) 27-46-04N 082-37-34W 2M

KSPG Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KSPG Relative Humidity (Percent)

KSPG Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KSPG Wind Speed (MPH)

KSPG Wind Direction (Degrees)

Naples Municipal, FL, United States (KAPF) 26-09N 081-46W

KAPF Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KAPF Relative Humidity (Percent)

KAPF Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KAPF Wind Speed (MPH)

KAPF Wind Direction (Degrees)

Fort Myers, Page Field, FL, United States (KFMY) 26-35-03N 081-51-45W 4M

KFMY Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KFMY Relative Humidity (Percent)

KFMY Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KFMY Wind Speed (MPH)

KFMY Wind Direction (Degrees)

Sarasota / Bradenton, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, FL, United States (KSRQ) 27-24-05N 082-33-31W 18M

KSRQ Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KSRQ Relative Humidity (Percent)

KSRQ Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KSRQ Wind Speed (MPH)

KSRQ Wind Direction (Degrees)

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