Weather Graphs Using MRTG

wxfan 2.0.0 - Weather graphs using MRTG

Faribault Municipal Automatic Weather Observing / Reporting System, MN, United States (KFBL) 44-20N 093-19W

KFBL Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KFBL Relative Humidity (Percent)

KFBL Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KFBL Wind Speed (MPH)

KFBL Wind Direction (Degrees)

Duluth, Duluth International Airport, MN, United States (KDLH) 46-50-34N 092-13-34W 435M

KDLH Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KDLH Relative Humidity (Percent)

KDLH Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KDLH Wind Speed (MPH)

KDLH Wind Direction (Degrees)

Phoenix, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, AZ, United States (KPHX) 33-26-03N 112-03-04W 336M

KPHX Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KPHX Relative Humidity (Percent)

KPHX Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KPHX Wind Speed (MPH)

KPHX Wind Direction (Degrees)

Denver, Centennial Airport, CO, United States (KAPA) 39-33-50N 104-50-54W 1775M

KAPA Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KAPA Relative Humidity (Percent)

KAPA Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KAPA Wind Speed (MPH)

KAPA Wind Direction (Degrees)

Los Angeles, Los Angeles International Airport, CA, United States (KLAX) 33-56-17N 118-23-20W 46M

KLAX Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KLAX Relative Humidity (Percent)

KLAX Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KLAX Wind Speed (MPH)

KLAX Wind Direction (Degrees)

San Francisco, San Francisco International Airport, CA, United States (KSFO) 37-37-11N 122-21-53W 26M

KSFO Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KSFO Relative Humidity (Percent)

KSFO Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KSFO Wind Speed (MPH)

KSFO Wind Direction (Degrees)

Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International Airport, FL, United States (KFLL) 26-04-05N 080-09-09W 30M

KFLL Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KFLL Relative Humidity (Percent)

KFLL Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KFLL Wind Speed (MPH)

KFLL Wind Direction (Degrees)

Marathon, Marathon Airport, FL, United States (KMTH) 24-43-33N 081-02-52W 2M

KMTH Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KMTH Relative Humidity (Percent)

KMTH Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KMTH Wind Speed (MPH)

KMTH Wind Direction (Degrees)

Houma-Terrebonne, LA, United States (KHUM) 29-34N 090-40W

KHUM Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KHUM Relative Humidity (Percent)

KHUM Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KHUM Wind Speed (MPH)

KHUM Wind Direction (Degrees)

New Orleans, New Orleans International Airport, LA, United States (KMSY) 29-59-34N 090-15-03W 5M

KMSY Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KMSY Relative Humidity (Percent)

KMSY Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KMSY Wind Speed (MPH)

KMSY Wind Direction (Degrees)

Lake Charles, Lake Charles Regional Airport, LA, United States (KLCH) 30-07-29N 093-13-42W 3M

KLCH Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KLCH Relative Humidity (Percent)

KLCH Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KLCH Wind Speed (MPH)

KLCH Wind Direction (Degrees)

Guantanamo, Oriente, Cuba (MUGM) 19-54N 075-08W 23M

MUGM Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

MUGM Relative Humidity (Percent)

MUGM Pressure (hPa - 1000)

MUGM Wind Speed (MPH)

MUGM Wind Direction (Degrees)

Aeropuerto Jose Mar-Ti, Rancho-Boyeros, Habana, Cuba (MUHA) 22-59N 082-24W 75M

MUHA Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

MUHA Relative Humidity (Percent)

MUHA Pressure (hPa - 1000)

MUHA Wind Speed (MPH)

MUHA Wind Direction (Degrees)

Galveston, Scholes Field, TX, United States (KGLS) 29-16-13N 094-51-51W 6M

KGLS Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KGLS Relative Humidity (Percent)

KGLS Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KGLS Wind Speed (MPH)

KGLS Wind Direction (Degrees)

Key West, Key West International Airport, FL, United States (KEYW) 24-33-13N 081-45-13W 5M

KEYW Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KEYW Relative Humidity (Percent)

KEYW Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KEYW Wind Speed (MPH)

KEYW Wind Direction (Degrees)

St Petersburg, Whitted Airport, FL, United States (KSPG) 27-46-04N 082-37-34W 2M

KSPG Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KSPG Relative Humidity (Percent)

KSPG Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KSPG Wind Speed (MPH)

KSPG Wind Direction (Degrees)

Naples Municipal, FL, United States (KAPF) 26-09N 081-46W

KAPF Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KAPF Relative Humidity (Percent)

KAPF Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KAPF Wind Speed (MPH)

KAPF Wind Direction (Degrees)

Fort Myers, Page Field, FL, United States (KFMY) 26-35-03N 081-51-45W 4M

KFMY Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KFMY Relative Humidity (Percent)

KFMY Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KFMY Wind Speed (MPH)

KFMY Wind Direction (Degrees)

Sarasota / Bradenton, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, FL, United States (KSRQ) 27-24-05N 082-33-31W 18M

KSRQ Temperature and Dewpoint (Degrees F)

KSRQ Relative Humidity (Percent)

KSRQ Pressure (hPa - 1000)

KSRQ Wind Speed (MPH)

KSRQ Wind Direction (Degrees)

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