Time-Lapse videos

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Mamatus 7/30/2002
1.57 MB

Nature Center 7/31/2003
1.13 MB 1.63 MB 2.98 MB 2.04 MB

Shelf cloud of severe a thunderstorm at night 06/08/2005

Morning 07/21/2005 Turbulent clouds at the front of a storm

Storm 06/20/2007 - Rain Shaft
447 KB

Storm-07-03-2007aDivX.avi 457 KB - Wall Cloud


CO-CastleRock-05-26-02-Timelapse1-3.avi 2.26 MB
MN-Faribault-06-18-02-timelapse1.avi 4.75 MB
MN-Faribault-10-08-02timelapse1.avi 3.47 MB
MN-Faribault-10-10-02-timelapseNatureCenter2.avi 2.37 MB
MN-Faribault-11-16-02timelapse1.avi 2.93 MB



SatelliteDateAVI (DivX)AVI (Cinepak)Notes
Unidentified2005-01-26 22:19 - 22:25 CST48 KB661 KBOrion Nebula with Satellite on very right
Canon EOS-10D, 15 second exposures at ISO 1600 - 20 second intervals
Taken through 120mm f/5 (fl=600mm) refractor


CometDateAVI (DivX)AVI (Cinepak)
C/2004 Q2 (Machholz)2005-01-09 22:44 - 23:17 CST74 KB638 KB
C/2004 Q2 (Machholz)2005-01-13430 KB5140 KB

Solor Eclipse

Solor Eclipse 6/10/2002 42 KB

Lunar Eclipses

LunarEclipse-05-15-03.avi 133 KB
LunarEclipse-11-08-2003.avi 376 KB

1.88 MB


MN-Faribault-11-07-02-timelapse1moon.avi 2.35 MB
MN-Faribault-10-10-02-timelapseNatureCenter3.avi 2.21 MB


Tracking sun with solar filter (hazy) 12/05/2004 464 KB
Sunset at Wade's 04/17/2004 330 KB DivX


Stars rising in the East (and Jupiter, the brightest one on the low right) 12/14/2004 48 KB

Stars setting in the west AVI (DivX)584 KB
same one, different codek: AVI (other)5.1 MB


FishTank-01-25-2004-S.avi 218 KB
Telescope setup 08/08/2003 2.07 MB
Heading North on I35 830 KB DivX

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